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Special Offers

150m.l. foamer

1ltr White Bottle with Visi Stripe

1ltr Silver HDPE Bottle


Complete with white or black foam head

25p complete


18p Complete with Tamper Evident Closure

Ref: RT103W with C2038W

Complete with Trigger Spray

20p Complete

Ref: D2101S and SP5BK202


500ml with 2-part Spout

250ml Jar

500ml Trigger Spray

15p Complete with spouted closure


250ml Jar in Silver


500ml White Trigger Spray Bottle

Translucent Blue Trigger Spray

20p Complete


50ml Oval Black with Dropper

50ml Oval Black

4p each, excludes plug and cap

Choice of dispenser closures available

One drop plug and cap, domed dropper plug and cap

100ml Clear Bottle

100ml Clear Bottle with Fine Mist Spray

14p Complete

50ml Dropper Bottle

50ml Dropper Bottle in Black

12p Complete


75ml Oval PET Bottle

75ml Square Bottle

400ml White Bottle

75ml Oval PET Bottle with Fine Mist Spray

16p Complete


12p Complete

Ref: SP0095 and C1189S

Complete with treatment pump

25p Complete


500ml Jar

1ltr Trigger Bottle Silver HDPE

500ml Jar in Silver


1ltr Trigger Spray Bottle in Silver HDPE

14p each


About Dormex

Dormex is a family owned business that was established in 1957 to distribute syringes and other medical equipment. Dormex pioneered disposable plastic syringes, replacing the previously used glass and metal syringes that were more expensive and required constant sterilization.


Today, Dormex primarily trades in plastic laboratory equipment and pharmaceutical packaging. The company is accredited with ISO9001 quality standard is an approved supplier to the MOD and the NHS.


Dormex is also an official stockist and distributor for RPC Containers and for Calmar, a manufacturer of trigger sprays and dispensers. Numerous household names are also included in our customer base.


Where companies operate a “just in time” policy, we are able to accommodate, by arranging this into our system.


The company operates a total quality policy.

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